Innosol Lucia Mega Dim Lichttherapieleuchte
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Innosol Lucia Mega Dim Lichttherapieleuchte

Innosol Lucia Mega Dim is a compact Bright Light which can also be hung on a wall
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INNOSOL Lucia Mega Dim is a powerful bright light lamp in a small and compact size. It can also be hung on a wall. This model comes with a dimmer which allows you to adjust the light level. The frame is made of metal. Easily detachable UV-antiglare shade is acrylic and the upper/lower parts are PVC plastic. The power switch is situated in the electric cord.

Therapy distance: ca. 51 cm (10.000 Lux)
Light temperature: 4.000 K (natural white)

Technical Data:
Light source wattage / type: 2 x 55 W 
Total wattage: 110 W
2.500 Lux: 102 cm
5.000 Lux: 77 cm
10.000 Lux: 51 cm
Ballast: electronic
Isolation class: IP20
Dimmer: 10% - 100%
Dimensions mm: 650 x 300 x 110
Weight: 3,5 kg
Colour: white
CE - 0434 
INNOSOL bright light devices
effective, safe and handy

Bright light therapy requires a minimum light intensity of 2,500 lux. Not just any lamp that produces bright and intensive light, such as a halogen lamp, is suitable for bright light therapy. The INNOSOL bright light devices meet all the requirements set on high quality therapy. The light does not flicker and it is evenly distributed. The opaque shade that covers the entire light surface filters UV emissions. A sufficiently long distance from the device guarantees you a pleasant therapy session. The surface luminosity of the INNOSOL bright light devices is as low as possible to minimise dazzling.

The INNOSOL bright light devices are of extremely high quality. They have been developed and tested in Finland where both seasonal changes and variations in the amount of daylight are manifest and intense. Finland is one of the world‘s leading countries in bright light research. These studies have been the basis for the development of INNOSOL bright light devices.

Although lack of daylight is most typical of Northern Europe, the phenomenon is also familiar in other parts of the world. In Central Europe autumns and winters are also long and daylight is scarce. INNOSOL bright light devices have in Finland thousands of satisfied users and they are becoming increasingly popular in other European countries. 


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